The Worst Banner Ad Ever

What…the…heck… 🙂

This was a fun project promoting’s AdDesk platform. Coming up with fun, creative ideas for programmatic online advertising products and services is a difficult marketing task.  What’s a creative team to do?

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It was totally off the wall and completely irreverent. In fact it was so much so that we, um, did not end up flying the ad. It was just too out there for some. But everybody says “take risks!” so we tried it. My fellow creatives, Alfonso “Chico” Conde and Ted Sidey, and I sort of fell in love with the ads absurdity as well as its ability to stay on-message.

The visual of the horse shooting laser beams, intentionally crappy graphics, ‘splosions all capped off with a tight marketing message just made me laugh. What do you think?

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