Dialog In The Dark Exhibit Braille Ad

This is an advertising campaign for the Dialog In The Dark Exhibit in Atlanta. The ad is designed in Braille.

PORTo: Mobile Teleportation App Experiment

PORTo is an obviously completely fictional application. This work is a simple experiment with mobile app design.

AOL Path-to-Purchase App

An interactive presentation displaying AOL audience behaviors. Presented to

The Explorer App

Telling the story is a delicate and vitally important topic at AOL. is one of the highest trafficked pages on the internet and therefore one of the most valuable. And when you have valuable stories to tell, you invest heavily in telling that story. This is an Adobe Air App sales tool that […]

AOL Brand & Content Advertising

I’ve designed countless web traffic-generating interactive and engaging online ads promoting all kinds of AOL Content.

Purina Interactive Presentation

This is an interactive campaign wrapup Flash presentation for an AOL + Purina meeting.

Denny’s Forkin’ Seriously Expandable Ad Concept

Denny’s Expandable Ad concept building on their “Serious Breakfast” ad campaign.

MicroMed Strategy

Corporate web presence for health care technology service provider, MicroMed Strategy. HTML+CSS and Design.

Fidelity + AOL Interactive Presentation

Fidelity campaign wrapup interactive presentation.

Suburban Auto Body of Virginia Website

Website for Suburban AutoBody, a small business based in the Washington D.C./Northern Virginia area.