hello. i’m mike. i like to make things nicer looking and more useful. sometimes, people who get paid more than i do seem to think i’m good at it. i think that they like to look good in front of their bosses.

i will make you look like a million bucks.


An ad I designed to promote AOL and HP co-branded small business content. Really…good help is darn easy to find.

I started in the Internet business in 1996, the wild west days of the Internet. In my 15+ years of experience (at press time), I’ve touched many sides of the interactive media business. I’ve worked the editorial/publishing side and have lived the life of page views, minutes spent and content development. I’ve also been involved with the advertising business and have experienced the pressures of conversion metrics, results-driven advertising design, and high end sales pitch design.

I think having been on both sides of the Content Development and Sales fence has given me a unique and incredibly flexible perspective on the business, the technology, and the design.

I’m confident that anyone I’ve ever worked with will agree that I am an easy to work with team player with a rock solid work ethic. You don’t stick around AOL for over a decade by not harnessing inner talent, being a valuable and flexible team member, and (I admit it) having a little bit of luck.

And a sense of humor.


Specialties: Graphic Design, Motion Graphics with ActionScript 2 & 3 experience, Interactive Advertising Design, Interactive Presentation design & programming, Web Design & Usability, Sales Development/Pitch Communications & Design, Super PowerPoint Acrobatics.

A note about this site: I’m actually quite proud to say that the work on this site is physically done by me. ¬†Obviously, every project involves team collaboration, client involvement, and art direction, but you’re not going to see work that I only did one image from or only animated one part of.