Dialog In The Dark Exhibit Braille Ad

This is an advertising campaign for the Dialog In The Dark Exhibit in Atlanta. The ad is designed in Braille.

AOL Path-to-Purchase App

An interactive presentation displaying AOL audience behaviors. Presented to Zappos.com.

AOL Advertising B2B Ads

Online advertising for… well… AOL Advertising! I have designed and built online advertising for AOL Advertising that has flown on a variety of the biggest and most visible Advertising trade properties like AdAge, ClickZ, Mediapost and AdWeek.

AOL Brand & Content Advertising

I’ve designed countless web traffic-generating interactive and engaging online ads promoting all kinds of AOL Content.

Purina Interactive Presentation

This is an interactive campaign wrapup Flash presentation for an AOL + Purina meeting.

Fidelity + AOL Interactive Presentation

Fidelity campaign wrapup interactive presentation.

AOL HD/Roku Sweepstakes

A campaign promoting the announcement of the AOL HD app becoming available on Google TV.

AOL + Johnson & Johnson Touchscreen Kiosk

An interactive kiosk exploring the AOL and Johnson & Johnson relationship.