Pandora Music DNA Presentation for SXSW

Here’s a cool presentation I got to design for a Pandora presentation at South By Southwest (commonly known as SXSW), the renowned music, film and interactive festival. SXSW is incredibly important to Pandora for a variety of reasons. SXSW is the ultimate combination of cutting edge tech and music — exactly what Pandora is and stands for.

  • This was a pretty awesome presentation to work on because, for once, it wasn’t about pie charts and data points.
  • The presentation had a few instances of interactive elements as well as advanced animations (as advanced as you can get in PowerPoint at least).
  • For the record, the cowbell slide was not used in the presentation.  They sent along the image and I had to put it in there.  Everybody’s easier to work with if they have a sense of humor, right?  🙂

This project was done in cooperation with the fine folks at DEXX Design.