PORTo: Mobile Teleportation App Experiment

PORTo is an obviously completely fictional mobile app.  I don’t get to do a lot of mobile app design, but I think it’s cool and I wanted to experiment. It’s fun to just go off and throw some pixels together sometimes*.

PORTo is a mobile phone application that allows you to teleport objects or people using your phone camera.  I know, ridiculous.  🙂  I made up a monetization structure, too — users buy PORTo Points which are then spent on teleporting objects and people of varying sizes and over varying distances.  And, of course, if you want to teleport people, you have to upgrade your account to PORTo Pro.

FYI, all the cool little icons are from AllSilhouettes.com.  I think I leveraged the image of the unicorn and the photo of London off of Google Images.  Fun stuff!

* Ok, look, the truth is that my wife is out of town on busienss and I miss her dearly. It’s either this or Call of Duty.