The Devil Awards

Project Devil is AOL’s effort to create a more beautiful advertising experience for our advertisers and our visitors.  By giving an advertiser 100% SOV on a page Devil Ads reduce ad clutter, give users more of the content they want and also give our advertisers a platform for building their brand, showing off products, and enabling real call-to-action.

The Devil Awards celebrate the best of the best across five categories.  This was a pretty fun project for me to work on because I got to design the interface and also do the initial XHTML/CSS build of the front end.  I’m no super front end dev, but this was good nerdy fun and, I think, it helped take some of the build off of our overworked developer’s plate.

My colleague Emmy Morton designed the logo, I designed the UI and theme as well as did an initial HTML/CSS build and our developer Ben Woods wired up the back end in Drupal.

Design and build work below.  The final product is available at  The final design actually highlighted 3 ads instead of just two.


Intro Page



Devil Ad Promoting The AOL Devil Network

And here’s an AOL Project Devil ad I designed that promotes the Devil Network itself. This ad flew on hyper targeted industry sites like and

The results are in:

  • Total Impressions Delivered:  130,440
  • Interaction Rate**:  10.04%                        +5.16% above benchmark
  • CTR:  0.18%                                                     +.04% above benchmark
  • Avg Interaction Time:  26 seconds            +2 sec above benchmark
  • Avg Exposure Time:  241 seconds             +79 sec above benchmark
  • Avg Video Completion:  44%