Sales + Marketing

The Devil Awards

Project Devil is AOL’s effort to create a more beautiful advertising experience for our advertisers and our visitors.  By giving an advertiser 100% SOV on a page Devil Ads reduce ad clutter, give users more of the content they want and also give our advertisers a platform for building their brand, showing off products, and […]

McDonald’s “Neighborhood” PowerPoint

A series of Illustrations for a huge McDonald’s sales pitch.  These divider pages served to break up all those boring bar chart slides.  Who needs bulletpoints? Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or newer, 2.4mb

AOL Brand & Content Advertising

I’ve designed countless web traffic-generating interactive and engaging online ads promoting all kinds of AOL Content.

Purina Interactive Presentation

This is an interactive campaign wrapup Flash presentation for an AOL + Purina meeting. PubAccess Guide

This is a user guide for’s PubAccess tool.  It serves as an overview of how publishers can use the PubAccess tool to manage revenue generating inventory on their site.

Mitsubishi AOL Clutterbuster Concept

Concept ad for Mitsubishi using AOLs Clutterbuster rich media ad format.

Denny’s Forkin’ Seriously Expandable Ad Concept

Denny’s Expandable Ad concept building on their “Serious Breakfast” ad campaign.

7-11 + AOL Animated PowerPoint Dividers

High end Microsoft PowerPoint design. Glad to have a break from the pie charts once in a while, yes?

AT&T / Jonas Brothers E-Mail Marketing

Cambio Insiders and Cambio On The Spot HTML Email designs. Readership of 450,000+

Coca-Cola Pitch PowerPoint Interstitials

Coke PowerPoint section divider slides.